“Secretsundaze has changed the face of London” Time Out London writes. Who could disagree with that? Since 2001, headed by London-based Giles Smith and James Priestley, originators of the notorious Sunday party, Secretsundaze has cemented its reputation in a dance music scene that’s more competitive than ever. Stage hosts at Lovebox, Eastern Electrics, Unknown and Sonar, their sway as an events brand has even dominated international shores, appearing frequently at Robert Johnson, Output, Space, Panorama Bar, The Rex, Trouw and Studio 80 to name a few. Now they have a new addition to the brand – Secretsundaze Studios.

However, this dynamic duo certainly has plenty more strings to their bow. Regularly on-tour, they have routinely proved themselves as noteworthy DJs in their own right in amongst their star-studded lineups. Their eponymous label can boast an output of superb house and techno music from a stellar roster that includes Shanti Celeste and Brawther. The latest Secretsundaze offshoot, the dawn of Secretsundaze studios, means that perhaps in another 15 years we will be able to add that Secretsundaze has changed the face of recording too.

Established in the heart of the Secretsundaze nerve centre, The Laundry, London Fields, Smith and Priestley have opted to open up their creative abode and their personal studio, to provide a perfect space for experienced and aspiring producers to conceptualise, collaborate, create, record, mixdown and master in an easy, open and artistic milieu. The studios, available 24/7, are kitted out with vintage analogue and contemporary industry-standard digital equipment, complete with different valve stages from outboard gear, helping to imbue digital projects with analogue aesthetics. Optional in-house engineers, including Tony Nwachukwu (CDR / Attica Blues), George Levings (Endian / Commix), Nathaniel Pearn (Drum Talk), Andrew Reynolds (Steel City Dance Discs) and Sam Jones (Soundthread), are available.   

In addition, the less experienced can book training courses and improve under the tutelage of one of the experienced in-house guides. An exciting source of inspiration, and the cherry on top of this ambitious project, lies in the free monthly Out The Box studio sessions, run in collaboration with CDR, as well as a range of artists dropping by to work. Recent guests to grace the space include K15, Henry Wu, Harvey Sutherland, Damiano Von Erckert, Esa, Matias Aguayo, Paleman and more. All that remains is to excitedly look to the future to see how this and any future projects born of Secretsundaze’s seemingly boundless influence will grace the electronic music world .

For more about the services offered, rates and availability, contact the team through the links above and below.