Ah, Record Store Day. That contentious hunt for the hottest, rarest vinyl treasures out there. Shopping for music is a sacred ritual for most vinyl-heads, and if you’ve ever experienced the thumb-numbing motion of sifting through boxes filled with records, you’ll know there’s something pretty joyous about finding that special one in the dusty confines of a record shop – it’s a feeling that’s unmatched elsewhere. Flicking through crates record by record is a soothing form of decompression. There’s comfort in seeing artists, labels, artwork and sleeves that you’re familiar with and that render memories and conjure real life moments and associations related to the music. To us, losing yourself in a good record store is like losing yourself deep in thoughts. And that’s why this annual celebration of all things vinyl is such a biggie on any music lover’s calendar.

On Saturday April 22, the UKs independent record shops come together once again to celebrate much-loved Record Store Day, an annual event inaugurated in 2007 and held on one Saturday every April to celebrate the culture of the independently owned record store. The impressive day brings together fans, artists, and over 200 independent record stores across the UK, all sharing an unconditional love for music. Whether you’re an avid vinyl collector or you just want to catch some incredible live music, be sure to join in the fun.

The day will be jam-packed with free special events, live gigs, DJ sets, pop-ups, exhibitions and workshops all taking place in record stores across the country, as well as heady selections of hundreds of new, one-off vinyl and CD releases and reissues – some that have been recorded exclusively for Record Store Day.

To celebrate Record Store Day’s return, we’ve invited a bunch of our favourite UK record stores to take over our Tracks Of The Day this week in the lead up to Saturday. Eech day, the staff from each record store selects tracks from artists or labels they’re most excited about this year to give you a little taster of what to expect on the day. Lined up we’ve got Phonica, Container Records, Idle Hands, Rubadub and Rough Trade. Each record store will have reign for a whole day during the week, choosing four tracks to help get you in the mood for what promises to be a bangin’ day out. Be sure to check out these joints on Saturday!