Honey Soundsystem is one of the key collectives of today’s dance music scene. Made up of DJs, musicians, performers and designers, the imprint was formed in 2006 by co-founders Ken Woodard and Jacob Sperber to fill a void in San Fransisco’s nightlife. At the heart of the collective is the drive to take dance music in a new direction, inspired by a history of pivotal gay underground parties. Gradually, the core team evolved from the initial two to the present four after finding Robert Yang, Josh Cheon & Jason Kendig who’s tastes and ethos match that of Honey Soundsystem’s aptly.

Locally in SF, Honey Soundsystem has been a highly influential figure through its parties. From 2008 to 2013, their Sunday night party hosted key DJs from all over the globe including DJ Sprinkles, Prosumer and Kim Ann Foxman. Now, the team throw one-off larger scale and underground nights and are known to build massive, elaborate, party-specific installations to “enhance their nightlife antics”.

Where the collective truly shines for us is in their labels. Through their staple HNYTRX, the team has released unique house music from the likes of Beesmunt Soundsystem, Justin Cudmore and their own Bezier. One of their most notable achievements however is resurrecting the lost gay porn soundtracks of San Francisco’s Hi-NRG producer Patrick Cowley. Lead by the incredible mind of member Josh Cheon, Dark Entries is one of the most interesting and unique dance music outfits around today, cleverly curating both obscure and accessible out of print, unreleased and contemporary underground music.

Having now established themselves as an internationally acclaimed collective of selectors, Honey Soundsystem is accelerating as fast as ever. Being huge fans ourselves, we had to invite the crew in to showcase their talents in a takeover. Besides selections from the core Honey Soundsystem team, they’ve also brought label release artists and associates Mike Servito, Justin Cudmore and Octo Octa to join them. Return every day this week to listen to a new selection by each artist. Trust us when we say they’ve revealed some tasty numbers.