It’s a well recited yet incredibly disconcerting statistic that more than half of the UK’s nightclubs have closed down in the last ten years. Amongst the hundreds of prominent venues that no longer stand as the social and cultural hubs they once were though, perhaps the most shocking and significant closure of them all is the latest: fabric. A home to many and an inclusive space for all, the revocation of fabric’s licence in early September after seventeen years of pioneering, law-abiding practice left a particularly damning stain on the cultural report of the UK.

The decision shocked and deeply infuriated music lovers across the globe, and as many are likely to know already, since the announcement, the agenda of fabric has been simple and direct. With the public backing of prominent figures, ranging from musical to political, fabric have embarked on a campaign to raise funds for legal fees as they seek to appeal the controversial decision in court. With the hearing set to take place on the 28th November, fabric has been ‘overwhelmed’ by the donations thus far – a sum totalling more than £300,000 since being set up soon after the now-infamous date of 7th September. Various #saveourculture events across the country have been curated to raise money for fabric’s cause, and here at Watch the Hype we’re set on doing our bit to help curb the painful erosion of our culture and promote the often-overlooked importance of institutions like fabric.

Therefore, each day for the next week, we will have a collection of artists sharing four tracks that, for them, have a particular connection or memory associated with fabric. With this #savefabric takeover, we hope to raise as much awareness as possible with regards to fabric’s campaign, whilst also encouraging as many people as possible to donate and contribute to fabric’s substantial legal and operational costs. A great deal has already been said about the potential economic, cultural and social repercussions of having this decision set completely in (legal) stone. However, with this takeover, we’re also seeking to shed some light on the unforgettable personal experiences fabric has provided world-renowned artists with over the years, in the hope that we can also accentuate what an establishment like fabric means to so many people around the globe.

Their court date is set for 28th November. If you’re planning on donating please do it before this date. #savefabric