Published: October 25, 2016, words by Elle Clark


Out-ER head-honcho Simone Gatto is more than just a producer and label owner. After graduating from university with a degree in philosophy, the Italian artist made a connection between a deeper understanding of music and the effect it leaves on life itself. Creating music as a means of communication and expression has tipped Simone Gatto’s music on an eclectic edge, infusing emotion and feeling into electronic music for both mind and movement.

Since the inception of Out Electronic Recordings (the label he runs alongside Andrea Santoro) the imprint has seen extraordinary material from the likes of Christopher Rau, Efdemin and Legowelt, to name a few. Out-ER has also become an artistic and individual platform to release his own entrancing material alongside studying a great depth of sounds, sensations and frequencies in his native country. Such great depths in fact, the expert DJ-producer’s forthcoming book is due for release in 2017 alongside a new album, and will underline all the insightful research he’s undertaken. Definitely an essential buy.

Simone Gatto’s also seen a slew of impressive releases on illustrious labels like Orlando Voorn’s Night Vision, Vosnos and Recycle Records – and he’s recently remixed Terrence Dixon as Population One’s new single ‘Multiple Choice’ – which is available now digitally and on 12” vinyl. Not just creating music aimed squarely for dance-floors or home listening, his material is always guaranteed to be something completely different, always unique – and distinctly hypnotic.

We caught up with Simone Gatto to find out a bit more about his research, releases and what we can look forward to from him in the near future.

Hey Simone, how are you?
I’m fine thanks.

Initially, I have noticed that your music retains a remarkably hypnotic element to it, allowing listeners to get lost in amongst its wall of sound, would you say that creating this atmosphere is something that is important to you as a producer?
Well, usually when i start to work on a new project it’s because i got inspired by something, so I try to capture that particular moment converting my emotions in melodies and atmospheres. This is why I always start from there before to add the bassline and the other elements of the groove.

Your label, Out-Electronic Recordings states clearly that it focuses on bringing artistic vision to life. With over 25 releases to date, would you say that you are overly selective when it comes to the artists that you sign?
Of course, Me and my mate Andrea have been very selective since the beginning in order to create a sound identity of the label based on a roaster of artists that support our vision. We like to establish a friendship with most of the artist that we sign, this attitude helps us to create a collective sharing the same vision.

Out-Er’s Discogs page describes a ‘grey, loopy scenario’ in relation to current trends of dance music. What is it that you find to be so monotonous about specific trends in the scene today?
In the digital era we live in, lot of people make music and spread it online, trying to imitate their favorite artists or the current trend. That’s not good for our scene, I think the aim of an artist should be to express in the best, the most personal way, otherwise we fall in grey and loopy scenarios.

Upon reading into your performance lecture regarding Sound Sensation and empathetic emotion in relevance to music performance, I am interested to know, what was it that spurred your interest in this topic?
I took a degree in Communication in 2011 and another one in Philosophy in 2013 at University of Lecce – IT. Since then I started to juxtapose my activity as DJ/ producer to the work as freelance researcher. In particular as sociologist i was looking to find the best way to communicate our feelings and emotion eliminating prejudices and misunderstanding. The only way possible is through music, it could be the most powerful language if you know how to use it.

For those who are not aware of your research into the empathetic relationship between performer and listener, could you talk a bit about your work and how performance carries deeper emotion and sensation?
It’s quite difficult to summarise in few lines my research, I’ll try to be as concise as possible. I started to organise seminars and workshops about this topic in 2014, dedicating my attention to the ability of music to evoke affective and sensory-motor resonances both into listeners and into performers. On each seminars I invited several experts to talk about their own experiences with the aim of offering a detailed drawn in which music get explored into its cultural, therapeutic and social ways through real case histories of the effect of music on our mind and body.
Nowadays music is considered mostly for its recreational role and my aim is to let people understand that the musical expression must not be underestimated. It represents an important point of convergence in human and social relationships. A performer can communicate his message to the crowd in front through his music and gestuality. It could be a very strong way to communicate with people if you learn how to do it. During my seminars I went deeper into it, explaining the meaning of it through specific methods.


If somebody was to want to research more into the relationship between sound and sensation, where would you recommend they look?
There are several books and researches online, I would recommend some lectures:

‘Leonard Meyer – Emotion and Meaning in Music’ 1956
‘John A. Sloboda – Perception and Cognition of Music – 1997
‘Oliver Sacks – Musicofilia’ 2007’
‘David Byrne – How Music Works’ 2014
‘Giacomo Fronzi – Electrosound’ 2013

Are you currently undergoing further research into Sound Sensation, if so, what are you working on at the moment?
Yes I’m still working on it, going deeper into the power of frequencies and trying to learn more about it . Each of us has a personal vibration that accurately communicates who we are to the world and helps shape our reality. I’m focusing on understand how to feel it, improve it and use it. Actually I just finished to write a book in which I collected all the work of the last years, it will be published in the second half of 2017, I can’t say more right now.
What is next for yourself and the label?
Before the end of 2016 I’m about to release a mini LP of six tracks on Orlando Voorn’s imprint Night Vision and a single track in the compilation for the 5 Years Anniversary of OUT-ER. We will release nine original tracks on it by Efdemin, Terrence Dixon, Frequency vs Juan Atkins, The Analogue Cops, Aubrey, Civilian, Regen, Haiku & Irakli.

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