Every year in June, people in London come together to celebrate sexual diversity. This celebration, more commonly referred to as Pride, provides a platform for the LGBT community to raise awareness of LGBT issues and campaign for equal rights. The electronic music scene is renowned for its inclusive community and forward-thinking approach on sexual issues. Dance music and its original spaces became mediums to allow sexual minorities to come together and feel like they could express themselves when society, in one way or another, prohibited them to do so. While audiences of techno, house and disco have since been diversified, it is important that the origins of this scene are remembered so that the values it was built upon are not lost.

In the final week of Pride in London, we’re joining the celebration by theming Tracks Of The Day around sexual diversity, inviting artists who have spoken out about this topic to share music that is relevant and continues to impact both their lives as well as the sexual and political landscape. Return each day for a new artist’s insight.

We would like dedicate this feature to all the people who lost their lives at Pulse nightclub during the shootings that took place last week. Sending out all our support to their families and friends during this difficult time. You will not be forgotten.