Maurizio Dami, aka Alexander Robotnick, is an Italian producer and DJ with a rich history within music. You name it, he’s probably done it. He made his debut on the Italian music scene as the founding member of Avida, a dance-cabaret band featuring Daniele Trambusti and Stefano Fuochi. In 1983, he then released Problèmes d’amour, which became a ‘cult track’ within dance music. It was published first by the Italian label Materiali Sonori and then by Sire-Wea. A year later he joined a multi-media orientated group and composed soundtracks for theatre, film and video installations, including work by Italian directors Alessandro Benvenuti, Antonio Climati, Marco Mattolini, and Marco Risi. In 1987, his interest turned to world music, and for the next decade he collaborated and produced music with African, Kurdish and Indian musicians. In 2000 he launched his own label, Hot Elephant Music, whilst at the same time exploring and experimenting with new music technologies and sounds. Two years later he returned to the electro style of his debut work, producing Oh no…Robotnick in collaboration with Max Durante. Although it featured dark humour, it received mixed reviews due to fashion-consciousness and its insufficient disco-orientation. A year later, he started to DJ – despite not ever liking vinyl format. From then he’s continued to push his sound, with support coming from Creme Organisation, This Is Music LTD, Cosmic Sumo Recordings, as well as many of his releases coming through his own label. Well versed in all kinds of musical endeavours, and releasing some of my favourite music over the last decade, Alexander Robotnick picks out four of his own tracks that are themed around the winter months. Stick on the fire, and absorb this grooving electro from a master of the craft.

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